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Performance Marketing: The Albatrot Way

Albatrot is an independent creative agency that provides marketing and communication solutions based on a solid backing of data and insights. The Albatrotters can perpetually be found seeking and improving ways to convey great ideas about brands that make them stand out of the clutter.

We have the right tools to deliver results, as well as experts with years of experience and knowledge in the field. Albatrot Cart clusters the various tools and services offered by the agency to help clients achieve their objective(s). Each cluster, armed with a team of certified experts to grow your business online, encompasses different services and tools that we use to bring out the best results.

Albatrot Cart combines several components of digital marketing to help Albatrotters and our clients work collaboratively. We specialise in offering organic growth through Technical SEO, Content, Back-linking, ASO, Youtube SEO, SMM and ORM.

Let's then understand Albatrot Cart better:

Paid Social

Capability across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Pinterest advertisements! We work on improving reach, frequency, and conversion rates with social media campaigns. Facebook and Instagram-certified experts working on the campaign confirm the success of such paid social media advertising strategies.

Paid Search

With Google Ads, we target consumers based on their search queries in their search engine. We work with adaptive bidding and set customised goals suitable for the client. This empowers us to optimise our PPC campaigns.

We monitor keyword research and bit accordingly. Further, to boost conversion, thematic search campaigns are pushed to optimise the platform.

PLA (Product Listing Ads)

For PLA or Product Listing Ads, we regroup the products available on our client's website based on user intent, clicks, transactions and positions. To improve ROAS (Return on Ad Spends), we plan customised feed uploads for our clients and monitor our campaigns with conversion tracking, shopping cart abandonment etc.

Amazon Ads

We focus on setting up data-backed for profitable Amazon Sponsored Ads. Our team opts for strategic keyword bidding for higher visibility of products and sales in the campaign plan. Our Amazon-certified experts monitor campaigns & ACOS to offer the best output to our clients.

OTT & Others

The world is twirling around OTT, and everyone is hooked on binging content. Hence, we focus on leveraging OTT and audio platforms such as Hotstar, Voot, Spotify and Saavn for amplified reach and frequency campaigns.

The Albatrotters work efficiently on retargeting to refine such campaigns further thereby improving audience engagement.

With Albatrot Cart, our clients get quality services under one umbrella, and we get to leverage multiple platforms simultaneously. Do you want us to leverage performance marketing for your brand? To use our solid expertise in providing the best measurable, data-backed results with Albatrot Cart, contact us here.


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