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Promote your Brand through Google

Imagine you own a homemade bakery business, and a person wants to order cakes from a local homemade bakery shop instead of a regular cake shop. The best thing they would do is google “Cake shops near me”. So if you are advertising your business on Google, the person is likely to come across your online shop and contact you.

(Source: Tenor)

But honestly, is it that easy? The answer is no. Promoting your brand on Google takes quite a few steps, and even with that, your brand may get less exposure than you need. Therefore, planning and strategising each step is crucial before advertising your brand on Google.

Let us now see the factors that affect this-

Google My Business listing: A Google Business Profile makes it more likely that customers will find your company when looking for similar products and services in their surrounding area. Create a profile for your brand on Google My Business, with which you can share links, pictures, reviews, maps, and promotions with relevant clients at the correct times. Since this business listing is open to the public, buyers who are actively looking can locate your company quickly.

Effective Google Ads campaigns: You may have noticed that Google's result page has a separate advertisement section. Google first displays advertisements when you search for anything. This means you can buy a top Google search position. You can select appropriate keywords, write compelling ads, and set a budget, by doing which, search results, websites, or apps can display your ads.

Get discovered in Google Maps: Searchers can find out how to reach you by using Google Maps. In other words, when customers use Google Maps to search for nearby businesses, a listing for a local business similar to yours is more likely to show up, giving viewers a sense of reliability and authenticity.

Don’t ignore SEO (Search Engine Optimisation): Utilising SEO is another technique to advertise your business on Google. In the below image, the title is the text in blue, the meta description for the brand is below the URL, and the words after that are the meta tags. Use keywords relevant to the brand while creating your brand title. Every page on your website has to be optimised to achieve maximum web traffic.

Focus on online reviews: Reviews are crucial to incorporate social proof in your communication and an effective approach to increasing credibility and trust. Customers may contribute as much or as little information about their experiences with your brand. Google's star ratings help current and potential customers choose what places to visit and what goods to purchase.

In conclusion, boosting your brand on Google is very effective (unlike other online ads). Hence, when you plan your brand ads with Google, make sure you invest your time and cost in the right direction. In addition, analysing your online views and constant monitoring will help you stay connected with your current customers and attract new potential customers for your brand.

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