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SEO Trends to Look Forward to in 2023

Technological advancement has given birth to a client-centric market. Today, marketers can no longer dictate what a customer can or cannot choose. Every business aims to create domination in the digital space and to rank at the top on the Google index in order to reach a maximum number of target audiences.


However, getting the top position cannot make you lead the game for long; any company can climb above you and knock you down a spot. Hence, retaining your position on the result page is as crucial as getting the top spot. In order to achieve this, businesses need to anticipate the trends and stay ahead of the curve. This is where SEO comes into play.

What is SEO, however?

Isn’t it better to first understand what Search Engine Optimisation is and why it is useful? Our blog on Reasons to Use SEO can help get you started.

While we understand what SEO is and how it works, keeping up with the SEO changes and being ahead of time, however, is not that easy. With 2022 almost at an end, businesses must prepare for upcoming SEO trends in 2023.

Here are a few SEO trends you must look forward to in 2023:

  • User Experience will be the key

The modern workforce includes generation Z and Millennials, who grew up with evolving technology. This means your target audience is tech-savvy, knows what technology can provide and tends to keep up with the latest trends. Hence, make your website user-friendly. Make it compatible with mobile and desktops, work on its loading time and update content regularly. Also, keep the navigation convenient. Keep the end-user in mind while designing the website.

  • Fresh and Quality content for the win

Don't create content like a sales pitch. You don't need to give your audience something to buy every time you share details. Share your ideas and inform them about the industry-specific trends revolving around your products and services.

Don't be them!

(Source: SocMedSean)

  • Get featured

Search queries on Google offer a featured snippet that directly answers the search query. Try to master this SEO trend in 2023. This will increase your reach, and you will get to connect with potential clients. Since these snippets are positioned above the organic results, they attract a large audience.

  • Improve your Google voice search for SEO

Everyone is aware of the power of video as audio-visual content. However, many don't pay attention to the convenience of voice search. As digital assistance is increasingly becoming a part of everyday life, voice commands are no longer limited to smartphones.

To optimise Google voice search, look for long-tailed keywords that would lead to answers related to your business. For example, "Where is Sweet Bakery located?" or "What are the working hours of Sweet Bakery?".

  • Security and privacy of your customers

Customers do not want their data stolen or misused during an online transaction. As a business owner, you must ensure that the website is safe from data trafficking.

(Source: 3BP Blogspot)

  • Include local SEO and Google My Business

If you run a local business and the majority of your target audience is from a specific location, be sure to include location-specific keywords such as bakery near me or bakery in Mumbai, etc. Also, maintain a ‘Google My Business’ profile and update it regularly.

  • Understand the algorithm and update accordingly

Artificial intelligence is the future. Google recently introduced the BERT algorithm that helps Google to understand the language better than humans. Hence, keyword stuffing no longer works since BERT allows Google to lower your ranking due to keyword stuffing.

While getting on the SEO trends for 2023, ensure to display expertise, authority and trustworthiness with the content. Engage and educate your audience and study SEO for upcoming trends and be a step ahead.

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