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Performance Marketing on Instagram in 2023

Years ago, Instagram became a part of our social networks as a photo-sharing site. It was filled with different aesthetics and small captions with relevant hashtags. As the market flourished, Instagram too adapted with competition to provide similar services to the app user. What was initially limited to pictures and captions soon started offering the ‘Story’ feature to offer a similar experience as Snapchat. Similarly, a few years later, when the world caught the TikTok fever, Instagram started offering reels as well.

While social media marketing helps reach new audiences, it is crucial to track the progress it makes. Hence, performance marketing comes into play.

(Source: Scoretize)

So, how was 2022 for Instagram?

While the network has been popular as ever, with 2 billion users worldwide, Reels dominated the year.

The criticism

While Instagram maintained its popularity, it also faced a lot of criticism from users due to its over-emphasis on reels. Users wanted to experience the old-school Instagram with pictures and captions.

During performance marketing, it is crucial to understand how different techniques are received by the audience. Such criticism can impact the engagement rate and increase the cost per reach.

The solution

The criticism was acknowledged by Instagram, only to be followed by the plans of making changes in the algorithm. This year, the focus will be on creating balance. The aim will be on creating a balance between photos and videos.

What is expected?

As an advertiser, one needs to understand how these changes will reflect performance marketing. The content needs to be trend-based and Instagram's changed algorithm will showcase changes. Hence, you need to understand how to optimise the content.

Create content plans that will showcase both photos and videos.

For effective performance marketing, it is important to ensure that every change made in the algorithm is taken into account while running any campaign.

What can be done?

Plan well

Once you select your target audience, select the right mix of marketing. Divide the content well, and ensure to not have a similar type of content frequently.

Check what works

Testing your campaigns and evaluating how your audience interacts will give you insights about target audiences. Don’t solely focus on changes of algorithms. Check what work with your company, your brand image and its identity. Make changes into your content plan to accommodate the algorithm but ensure to maintain your brand.

Don't follow a trend

Don't follow a trend because it is viral or it works. Evaluate what works with your brand and accordingly follow the trend. Many make the mistake of choosing a viral song for their brand irrespective of its relevance to their audience.

As Instagram is opting to come up with a new approach for marketing, you need to prepare well in advance. Make changes according to the requirements. Do you want to know more about Instagram marketing? Click here.

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