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Optimise your Advertising Budget with These Social Media Platforms

You know those toothpaste commercials on TV or newspaper ads for cars? Such great ways to reach the audience.

About a decade ago, advertising for a brand was quite expensive. However, nowadays, digital marketing is a more efficient and cost-effective way for companies to reach a wider audience and increase their consumer base. In contrast to traditional marketing, digital marketing allows more precise targeting of specific audiences.

In this scenario, social media marketing becomes essential. And above all, using social media in the right way and to its maximum capacity are even more important. So here are some benefits that you shouldn’t miss reaping from each of the platforms!

(Source: Dribble)

I. Facebook

Facebook, that can keep you entertained for hours, is a great way to boost your business. You can use it to gain social influence, build customer relationships, and promote business. It:

  • Allows you to connect with users authentically,

  • Enables sales and customer service to communicate with customers, and

  • Provides team metrics to analyse ad success and audience requirements

(Source: weDevs)

II. Instagram

We are all guilty of losing track of time while scrolling through reels and meme-worthy content. Instagram advertisements, though costly, have a better organic reach than other sites. Instagram, through its plethora of content formats, such as IGTV, stories, lives, and reels, can help businesses grow well. Make sure to:

  • Engage your customers with your brand,

  • Identify pain points and requirements, and

  • Maintain brand consistency while experimenting

III. Twitter

In the world of social media, Twitter is the "Trend Setter" and an excellent tool for quick ideas, helpful information, and customer service. Three great Twitter marketing tools to use are:

  • Twitter Communities - A space where you can establish strong connections with people with similar interests.

  • Twitter Spaces - Helps develop live discussions and host webinars/podcasts easily.

  • Twitter Analytics - A free tool that allows marketers to analyse their work over a certain period. Monitoring your Twitter KPI can provide information to help you understand your audience's demands

IV. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is ideal for driving traffic to websites and branding employers. The audience includes working professionals who are eager to explore new opportunities, making it a great platform to promote a website, find high-quality leads, showcase expertise, and expand networks. So, make sure to:

  • Optimise your LinkedIn brand profile so audiences can discover your brand quickly

  • Use LinkedIn's analytics to track your most engaging content and traffic insights

  • Use LinkedIn's matched audiences tool for retargeting existing sales funnel visitors

V. Pinterest

Pinterest is an innovative site. Users discover a plethora of graphic designing ideas on Pinterest, like a visual storyboard. Here are a few tips to improve your brand value on this platform,

  • Experiment with keywords and graphics to enhance brand success.

  • Focus on infographics and product pins

  • Showcase brand marketing materials that help with brand engagement.

For example, linking an article to a post on a board. It directs visitors to the relevant website while promoting the blog content.

(Source: Freepik)

Social media marketing does more than boost website traffic and expand your audience. It transforms a business into a persona that the audience can relate to on a deeper level.

Now you know how social media & performance marketing work! Click here to read more about other performance marketing channels.

To have a team of social media experts handle your brand’s identity on these platforms, contact us here.


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