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Effective Target Marketing on Facebook

Facebook allows you to target advertisements for your audience. However, how does it work? How do you select the right demographic for your business, and how does Facebook help?

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Firstly, Facebook advertisement empowers businesses to target ‘as niche as possible’ and ‘as vast as possible’ audiences. This allows businesses to target audiences as per their requirement and budget, making it an advertising platform impartial towards business and its market size.

How does this work?

Facebook advertising allows businesses to target three types of audiences.

  1. Core Audience

  2. Custom Audience

  3. Lookalike Audience

You can choose the type of audience you wish to target and accordingly select the appropriate messaging to communicate with them. Let's understand how these three types of audiences differ from each other.

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I. Core Audience

This is the primary set of audiences chosen according to their demographic, psychographic and behavioural patterns. You can analyse the audience based on the following factors:


You can select a core audience based on the community, city or country you want to target. You can connect with an international audience and keep the communication limited to a specific area or lane.


The demographic selection allows you to define your core audience based on their age, gender, job titles, etc. You will not be receiving any information that reveals the person's identity but enough characteristics to determine whether or not an individual is a potential buyer.


Facebook is a platform where people share their hobbies and interests which allows advertisers to define their core audience. From food to fashion and games, businesses can identify their audience through their interests.


Behaviour includes prior purchase, engagement or interaction with your business platform. Individuals that are close to conversion and a bit familiar with your brand.


Inviting friends of friends! Connections allow you to target the social circle of your ideal target consumer. This helps you to reach more audiences and potential buyers.

II. Custom Audience

The custom audience is the group of potential buyers familiar with your business. They are the ones who have visited your website or used your application. You can analyse this audience with the following factors:

Contacts or Database

Using CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, one gets the opportunity to connect with a specific audience. From email IDs to contact numbers, you can target the customers based on the available data.

Site Visitors

You can set up Facebook Pixel to automatically create a custom audience of everyone who visits your website or takes any action. Here, the action doesn't necessarily mean purchase, it can be a simple click on a page on your website or checking details of your products and services. Hence, you can target site visitors of all types - past buyers, individuals aware of your business, and the ones under ‘leads generated’ that didn’t convert.

III. Lookalike Audience

When it comes to expanding the audience for a business, one needs to find an audience similar to their current buyers. That's when a lookalike audience comes into play. The Lookalike audience mirrors the core audience. It is a fast and effective way to find an ideal target group to expand its reach.

(Source: Global Uploads)

Whether it's a small business or a large brand, optimising Facebook advertising is crucial to improving the market size and business.

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