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Reels & their Advantages in Marketing!

Currently, Instagram has over a billion users and enjoys being the second most popular social networking site after Facebook.

To improve the audience engagement and fight the frenzy of TikTok, Instagram started offering similar features with reels in 2020. It helps users generate engaging video content using music, stickers and several filters, with immense potential to go viral. This 15 second video feature soon got popular amongst the audience.

It became a medium of engagement and creators came up with brilliant ways to share their ideas and business with reels. Reels became a favourite amongst the users in a short time.

While influencers use this feature to entertain their audience, brands can use the same feature to bring notice to their page since Instagram algorithm favours reels. The social media application has a page dedicated to reels where audiences can engage with reels and people often find themselves lost in this rabbit hole, scrolling through reels for hours. When you have an engaged audience, engrossed in a type of content, you must use it to your advantage; however, how will this benefit the brands?

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Let's understand the advantages of using reels for digital marketing,

Improves Engagement

As we all know, video content has better potential to go viral and has a better recall compared to other static posts. It will promote your content and more people will get a chance to view your content.

Brings Attention

If you use popular hashtags and follow the current trends viral on reels, it will empower you with better attention from viewers. Once your content stands out, it will have a greater chance of getting featured.

Short Form Content

Reels include 30-second-long videos of engaging content. These are 'the moment stories’, are quick and digestible for the particular music. Generally, reels are 3-30 seconds long based on different topics and themes. Today, you can also make reels that are 60-90 seconds long, to convey an idea. Hence, they work wonderfully to catch on to a trend.

Captivating Content

You need to win the audience's attention within the first few seconds. Also, not everyone will have enough time to watch five seconds to a one-minute-long advertisement; however, while scrolling if you come across a reel from a brand that's engaging. Hence, reels are clubbed with trending songs or popular tunes and dialogues encouraging your audience to interact with it.

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Reels are convenient to make and share. It can be easily included in your Instagram marketing strategy without any fuss. You can incorporate different elements and use the application itself to create video reels. In addition, you can use third-party apps, right alongside your other social media content and schedule the reels.

Re-share the Content

Instagram reels are versatile, and you can add them to your feed. In addition, one can share them on Instagram stories and download them to share on other platforms. Furthermore, one can easily share these reels with their friends and followers through DM's as well.


Trending reels have the potential to go viral overnight, and once you start boosting your reels they will reach a new audience exceptionally. You can follow any pattern as there are no rules to this. Use effective filters and popular music as that can make your reels go viral.

Reels have great potential to make content viral. In addition, your audience can enjoy the dynamic content that breaks the monotony of your feed.

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