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Mistakes to Avoid While Branding on Instagram

Instagram is one of the predominant social media platforms, surging with a massive user base. From hosting a large audience to influencers, celebrities and brands, Instagram is a social hub for all that has transcended into becoming a powerful tool to reach audiences. This has resulted in its popularity as a marketing and advertising platform.

With individuals using Instagram for entertainment and personal use, and brands using it to reach their customers, the platform is flooded with content. Hence, reaching the ideal audience with relevant content to fulfil a specific goal is critical.

(Source - Dayana Dancheva)

In this endeavour, one can be prone to gambling between correct and incorrect strategies. With fast moving trends and ever changing sentiments, keeping strategies relevant is of utmost importance.

And so, here are a few mistakes one should avoid while promoting their brand on Instagram:

  • Targeting Everyone

Many brands make the mistake of assuming that everyone is their target audience. However, such is never the case. Your product or service might suit everyone, but you cannot target all distinct target groups alike.

Define your target audience. If you sell baby products, new parents are your target audience; if you are a soft drink brand, teenagers will be a more suitable target than those in their early thirties.

  • Avoiding Goal Setting

When you start your social media marketing without setting a goal, you're planning to fail. Ask yourself a simple question - “Why are we promoting the brand on Instagram?”

The answer will help you set the goals. You can run advertisements with CTA to boost sales or have a few contests for engagement.

  • Creating Ads that are Irrelevant to Your Target Audience

You can take help from top advertising agencies or the best social media agencies to define the target audience; however, if you fail to make ads that resonate with them, it's a missed opportunity. Ensure to use words, phrases, imagery, colours, etc. that are relevant for your audience.

You can read our blog on Colour Psychology to understand the relevance of colours to your audience better.

  • Posting Only Photo Content

You need to understand that Instagram offers several options to share content. Many brands stick to static posts of product photographs with a copy urging the audience to buy it. This may draw attention in the short run, but doesn't work in the long run. If you want to optimise your ROI from Instagram, maximise all the tools offered by the platform. Post stories, create reels, interact with your audience, and use carousels to promote your brand.

  • Confusing Ads

A brand must create advertisements that are suitable for their audience and self-explanatory. Images must clearly show the products with the right proportions, and words must convey that the message is crucial and relevant.

(Source: Miro Medium)

  • Avoiding Collaborations

Instagram is a platform that offers a plethora of opportunities for collaboration. However, many brands avoid collaborating with influencers and other brands. You should not make this mistake if you are to grow on Instagram. Collaborate with creators who share your niche and connect with their audience.

To understand Influencer Marketing better, check out our blog Reasons to Use Influencer Marketing.

Avoid these mistakes to optimise your Instagram promotions. Have a clear strategy, and target your niche. If you're looking for an agency to help you with social media marketing, click here to check out our work. Experts at Albatrot will create a map for your road to success on Instagram.


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