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Anti-hangover shots

Your OG Party Starter.

First things first, let’s #StartWithARMR

ARMR is a delicious, natural pre-party anti hangover shot made with the goodness of fifteen superherbs.

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An upcoming FMCG brand making waves in the Indian market, ARMR has been developed at the innovation centre of the Ayurveda tycoon — Baidyanath group. The brand approached Albatrot with a mandate to increase their digital presence — a hard task in an already cluttered industry. Albatrot has helped the brand triple their online presence by creating relevant content, collaborating with the best talent in the influencer industry, and strategy-focused media buying.

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How things have translated on Social Media

For the brand to be able to communicate with a millennial audience, one of the first things that needed re-evaluation was the design tonality. After refurbishing the same, Albatrot set it down as relevant, millennial friendly content that’s showcased in easy-to-consume, bright creatives and witty, intelligent copies.

Then we talk about going offline for ARMR

As is key to their positioning in the category, ARMR is present at the best on-ground has to offer  - be it music festivals, airports or modern trade stores. From on-premise branding to creating real-time content at festivals, Albatrot focused on ensuring the brand was seen as one cohesive identity across all channels of awareness and engagement

Influencers to drive awareness

The best part about ARMR? You can be yourself, go about your day, stick to your routine, even on days after endless nights. Be it an early morning workout, or a day long photoshoot, you can’t afford a hangover. Who better to communicate this to the brand’s audience than people with an influence in those fields? Albatrot got on board micro and macro influencers to speak from their experiences

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Driving Performance through different media

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Regular ad campaigns with a clear objective of Reach & Traffic in order to drive audience to ARMR's profile and also to the brand website.

We achieved massive results at the minimal spends through various audiences and niche targeting.

Some of the big numbers we managed to achieve:






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Other Projects

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