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Colour psychology and its influence on branding and marketing

Colours influence the human mind in more ways than we know. They have the power to evoke emotions as well as create an association. Imagine the calmness you feel looking at the blue skies, or serenity with green trees, or alertness with the red traffic light. Colours impact us more than our imagination.

In the same manner, colours play an important role within brands to emphasise the tone of their communication. These hues can make or break the marketing dialogue that you wish to establish with your target audience.

(Source - Chris Brejon)

Incorporating colour psychology to determine the right colours for your business thereby helps in branding and marketing.

Colours can change buyers' perceptions and convince them to buy or reject a particular brand. Selecting the right tones that align with your business goals is thus crucial.

Colour psychology and marketing

You need to know various details about colours and their influence on the human mind. Remember which colours are associated with what type of emotions and accordingly select shades and tones that induce the association you wish to establish.

Here are a few colours and the emotions associated with them:

  • Red: Excitement, passion, anger, danger, activity, anxiety, power

  • Orange: Mischievousness, friendliness, creativity, warmth, enthusiasm

  • Yellow: Happiness, positivity, warning, joy, creativity, enthusiasm

  • Green: Youth, exuberance, energy, nature, evolution, serenity

  • Blue: Calm, stability, depth, tranquillity, trust

  • Purple: Royalty, luxury, romance, introspection, calmness

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