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2023 Twitter Marketing

...and how to be prepared.

What is the future of Twitter? What would marketing look like on Twitter in the coming months?

The current rollercoaster ride at Twitter has brought many changes with it. With these dramatic changes, many are questioning their own brand's future on this platform. In such a situation, when no one can anticipate what is to come, how can your brand prepare to market on Twitter in 2023?

With its 1.3 billion users, over 326 million global monthly active accounts and over 500 million tweets produced daily, Twitter is an extremely beneficial platform for marketers.

As we're preparing for a new year, here's what you need to do to prepare for excellent Twitter marketing in 2023!

Be Creative with Your Profile

Your Twitter profile needs to be complete. Avoid clutter on your profile. Include your company name or brand name with the logo and website link in the profile.

Customise the colour scheme to make your content stand out. Include keywords in your bio, and make your profile easy to discover.

Promote your Twitter on Other Platforms

A mistake many businesses make is not mentioning their Twitter handle on other platforms, which limits their reach. Go beyond social media and mention your handle in a newsletter, business card, advertisements and other marketing materials.

Observe Competition

Twitter is often used to achieve B2B marketing goals. Hence, most of your competitors will also be there on the platform. Evaluate their posts and check how many followers they have. Follow your competitors and retweet their content to get noticed. Reply to their tweets and keep conversations going.

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Audience and Influencers

On Twitter, follow those who might like you. If your business revolves around home decor, follow famous interior designers. Similarly, if the brand belongs to the food industry, follow chefs and food vloggers, and also retweet their content. If they notice you're following them, they might follow back. Also, through their list of followers, you might find your target audience.

Don't Forget Twitter

Engaging with Twitter must be your New Year resolution. Often, brands focus on Facebook and Instagram, completely forgetting about the social media beyond them. You can share the same content on Facebook and Instagram, and even use the option to post on them simultaneously. For Twitter, on the other hand, you must create a different strategy. Optimise the platform effectively, run a Twitter specific campaign and interact with well-informed followers.

Right Tweet at the Right Time!

Observe the time when your followers are active. Gain insights from Sprout Social, Hootsuite, or Buffer to plan timely posts. This will increase the chances of your audience observing your content.

Use Hashtags

Twitter was the first social media platform to popularise hashtags. Use two hashtags per tweet and let people discover your tweets through search. Observe your competitors and check trending tweets. Check how to use hashtags to your benefit through our Blog: Effective Use of Hashtags for Social Media Marketing

Include Videos and Images

Add different types of content to your Twitter page. Include short videos and images to present your ideas attractively. In 2023, go beyond the textual format of tweets.

Promote Good Content

Ensure to share engaging and interactive content on Twitter. Use stories and Twitter polls to connect with your audience. If you want to increase the number of followers, share quality over quantity. Keep the most engaging tweets at the top.

Think ahead and ensure to cope with every change. In terms of social media marketing, it is crucial to have a presence where your audience is available. Irrespective of the changes, be sure to optimise every opportunity to connect with your audience.

Use these tips to market your business on Twitter in 2023. It is an easy-to-use platform, and you must optimise it. Focus on increasing the number of followers and improving your social media strategy. Learn the advantages of using Twitter through our Blog: Advantages of Marketing on Twitter

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