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Advantages of Marketing on Twitter

One of the most popular social media platforms, Twitter helps audiences keep up with trends and engage in conversations. Twitter, accessed almost daily by its users, is excellent for discovering new topics, sharing opinions, sparking conversations with individuals and brands, and connecting with a large audience.

But why Twitter, and not the other many social media platforms?

It is a format with limited characters, making the tweets crisp - something that suits this generation of digital users. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, you can write your message in 280 characters only.

Though a large audience is on Twitter, is Twitter beneficial for your business? How can you engage and attract the audience through Twitter? How are top digital marketing agencies benefitting from using Twitter?

Advertising and promoting your business on Twitter can be extremely beneficial. You can target your audience on Twitter and it will offer you several benefits from a business point of view.

(Source: Chaos Pet)

Here are a few benefits of marketing on Twitter.

Twitter offers valuable customer insights.

Twitter observes 6000 tweets every second. This statement is enough to give a perspective on the volume of Twitter content.

Twitter is a library of consumer insights. It can offer you data from a diversified audience. With Twitter, you can understand how they feel and what they need. You will notice opinions by experts, users, critiques and observers, all in one place. These details will empower you to understand the different perspectives that people have on any idea.

Helps in building brand personality and creating awareness

How you present your Tweets and what you showcase in those 280 characters can help you build brand personality. The words you use and the phrases you choose for your Tweets will set the tone for your brand.

Keep the tone consistent and ensure it matches your brand values. In addition, your language must be relevant to your target audience.

Once you start engaging your target audience with your content, it will be exciting to run a Twitter campaign that connects you with your audience.

(Source: PromoRepublic)

Twitter will help you offer customer support.

Twitter can be phenomenal when it comes to striking a conversation. Often, customers share their feedback and experiences about a brand on their Twitter handles. You can use this feedback to resolve issues or appreciate your customers.

Instead of getting customers' queries or complaints on your official page, you can run a separate page for customer support that would be dedicated to grievances. It will also show how your brand values and handles criticism or negative feedback.

Grow your brand community

You can create a brand-specific hashtag and ask your followers to use it whenever they want to tweet about your brand. This will help them share their insights and experiences. The common hashtag will help in the creation of a community around your brand.

Twitter is highly effective when you have a clear goal in mind. Start conversations about your brand and engage with your audience. Retweet the positive things they have shared about your brand and respond to all negative feedback. Optimise the platform and build your community.

Do you want to know how to use effective hashtags? Read our Blog: ‘Effective Use of #Hashtags for Successful Social Media Marketing’.

To connect with an experienced team of digital marketers for the creation of fantastic Twitter campaigns, contact us here.


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