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Your Cheatsheet to Handling Performance Marketing Challenges

If you were to search online, there are a zillion advertising agencies claiming to be the best in the business. While you can choose an agency for traditional marketing through the portfolio, selecting an agency for their digital marketing campaign becomes tricky as there are several limitations to how much an agency shares about performance marketing.

In addition, many top advertising agencies have little to no idea of how to effectively deal with performance marketing and struggle with the various challenges that come with it.

What could these challenges be and how does one deal with them?

Here are a few major challenges when it comes to performance marketing and your cheat sheet to overcoming them.

Improving ROI on a Digital Advertisement

As a digital marketer, it is crucial to know how to optimise different advertising platforms to maximise the reach of a relevant audience. Different platforms have different advertising standards and non-transparent policies that make optimising advertisements difficult.

How to overcome it?

Offer contextual and personalised advertisements at scale. The effectiveness of contextual and personalised advertisements is long-lasting and creates value in the consumer's mind. This will have better recall for your advertisements.

Loss of Third-Party Cookies

Online advertisements and retargeting rely on cookies. However, this puts a question mark on one's privacy; hence, Google has announced a phase-out for all third-party cookies. This will lead to Chrome getting rid of third-party cookies by 2024. This will impact retargeting and personalised advertisements.

How to overcome it?

Focus on running PPC(Pay Per Click) campaigns on similar websites to find your lookalike audience. Switch to dynamic creative optimisation that would help you find the relevant audience.

Cross-functional Collaboration

Cross-functional collaborations are beneficial for the collaborators; however, they might fail due to a lack of coordination or challenges in communication. Such problems demotivate clients to collaborate with others.

How to overcome it?

Centralising management! Ensure that one team manages the postings for all collaborators for the time being. This will automate the workflow and support a smooth running campaign.

Omnichannel Media Campaigns

The audience is ubiquitous; hence, brands and companies need to be present on different platforms to form a recall in the audience's mind. To accomplish this, brands need to have a presence on different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and many more. Each of these platforms is highly personalised; it makes it difficult to optimise each one to the fullest.

How to overcome it?

Creating an integrated media campaign helps a lot. Focus on optimising each platform as per the brands' requirements. Create data-driven advertisements considering the response on each platform and improve your strategies.

The future is digital and performance marketing is the key to opening the doors for a brighter future. Follow the above-given tips to improve your campaigns.

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