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Types of Remarketing in Digital Marketing

Remarketing is a technique used in digital marketing to connect with people who have been exposed to your advertising communication in the past. It is an affordable method of increasing revenue and optimising the advertising budget.

Remarketing helps you connect with those who visited your website and browsed through your offerings but never made the purchase. In other words, your brand caught their attention and your message made them interested in your website; however, it never turned into a desire that would motivate action.

(Source: PushAd)

Types of Remarketing

Remarketing can be accomplished in several ways; however, there are a few common types of remarketing that are popular in current digital trends. Let’s have a look.

Standard Remarketing

This involves displaying ads to past visitors who clicked on the ad but never made a purchase. You can also target the audience via search engines like Google or Bing.

You can run an SEO campaign for remarketing your audience with a standard technique.

(Source: Assets Global Website Files)

Dynamic Remarketing

Dynamic advertisements are customised messages that are suitable for all audiences. It helps in targeting them with a strategy that is tailor-made for them. Here, you can share advertisements or offers for particular products that a customer checks. These ads can work as a reminder and improve conversion.

Video Remarketing

Audiences prefer watching videos over going through long copies or reading websites. Video marketing is an audio-visual medium which improves recall. For example, students looking for universities and admission procedures are often exposed to videos by different institutes with registration links.

(Source: MarTech)

Email Remarketing

With email remarketing, you target the ones who have opened your website through email but didn't make a purchase. This is one of the most popular ways of remarketing as it is cheaper than other options and yet personalised.