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Types of Potential Customers & How to Make Them Buyers

Individuals are unique, and no two people can be identical. However, people tend to have common characteristics that make them similar to each other. That's how human beings navigate and create lasting bonds with others.

The same goes for customers.

Your customers aren't identical; however, there are a few characteristics to help categorise them into groups, which can further aid in creating suitable strategies for the target audience.

Are these categories important?


To target five people, you can create five different messages; however, what happens when you want to target thousands or lakhs of customers? What will you do to make customers from an age group or families buy from your brand?

Three Stages of Customers

Before you understand the types of customers, focus on the stages in which customers operate. There are three.

  1. Awareness Stage: Customers know about your brand, but there's no assurance of purchase unless they have a strong impulse.

  2. Evaluation Stage: Customers will compare options, and evaluate the pros and cons of the purchase.

  3. Purchase Stage: Customers who make a purchase are the ones who decide whether to come back or not.

(Source: Miro Medium)

These three stages help us group seven types of customers. Each is unique and crucial for any business.

Seven Types of Customers