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Trotter Talks: Rishab Jain

Senior Design Manager

He's the life of the party and surely knows how to have fun! He's a Bollywood enthusiast and has the best playlist to keep the office environment upbeat. Meet our in-house DJ, street-food junkie and extremely talented Senior Design Manager, Rishab Jain!

Always adding more life to the office and excited to share his life as an Albatrotter, he was more than happy to spill the beans. Here's what he had to share:

Tell us about your work and what you do.

Rishab: I enjoy my work to the fullest. As a Sr. Design Manager, I am responsible for the ideation and execution of brand requirements. Hence, after every new brief is introduced, bringing new ideas to the table is my task. In addition, I am responsible for referencing and research.

Can you tell us a bit more with a few examples?

Rishab: So, while I was working on the Albatrot Month campaign, we needed a video with a bird flying and showcasing artwork from the past. Though the artworks were readily available, I had to select the right harmony and make everything look seamless to narrate the story. Hence animation there was tricky.

On the other hand, while working on Ananya Birla's tour posts, everything was done with urgency to ensure posts went out on the expected date. Here, time management was the trick!

What is a typical day at work for you?

Rishab: An Albatrotter, having a typical day? No chance! At times I am ideating, and creating animation for different clients, and at times, I discuss the requirements with brand managers and clients to divide the workload with a realistic timeline. Of course, this is accompanied by fun, craziness and a good Bollywood playlist.

How did you become a designer? What was your inspiration?

Rishab: I am one of those who realised what they love after choosing something they didn't. My job, my work is a love that I discovered. Sounds funny, but I pursued BSc IT for graduation and realised it's not my cup of tea soon. That was the first time I started looking for other things, and a video by Shivam Jemini caught my attention. His work motivated me towards animation and design. While pursuing my BSc in IT, I continued designing with a bit of help from YouTube. What started as vine video creation as a part-time task during my studies became a full-time career after graduation.

What do you like about your job?

Rishab: Meeting new people, interacting with different creators and learning from all of them makes me love my job. Further, my work offers me endless learning opportunities. The entire process is inspiring for me.

Is there anything you hate about the job?

Rishab: Generally, I love working. I dislike it when people fail to notice the creative input that goes into the work and often think that anyone who knows software can get the results.

Any challenges you face during work?

Rishab: Creative work is often a balance between time and direction. Lack of time and clear direction is a recipe for failure; you end up with a short stick when you have time but no direction.

So, now when we're looking for members to join your team, what are the qualities that you want in them?

Rishab: So, a basic understanding of software is the primary requirement. However, an understanding of the brief and comprehension with the ability to execute are some qualities I would like.

So that's our Sr. Design Manager, Rishab for you! To join his team and allow your creativity to ebb and flow through your work, click here to connect with us.


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