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Trotter Tales: World Kidney Day Campaign 2023

How do you work on recall for a health awareness campaign? What can be the message, and how will you present it such that the audience remembers it? These were the questions we dealt with when NephroPlus shared their requirement for a week-long campaign on World Kidney Day 2023 with us.

NephroPlus, being a pioneer in the field of Nephrology, offers best-in-class services to individuals on dialysis. The health organisation further optimises its social media platforms to educate audiences on health issues and medical care. Optimising the occasion of World Kidney Day was an excellent idea; however, the presentation and execution had to be interesting and memorable!

The central idea was to generate conversation around kidney health. People may largely be aware of dialysis and CKD; however, one doesn’t generally find people discussing kidney health and maintenance. NephroPlus wanted to bridge this knowledge gap without preaching to people. We wanted something interesting, funny yet informative and appropriate to the point. So what was the idea?

(Source: Giphy)

We decided to use one of India’s truest loves - Cinema!

We conceptualised a campaign with Bollywood posters that would feature not the Hero-Heroine, but Kidneys! Considering the large impact of cinema on the Indian audience, it made sense to reach maximum people by showcasing movie posters that resonated with the health tip.

Albatrotters embraced the inner Bollywood junkie and started choosing movies related to the health suggestion. Keep reading to see how!

Here, Cheeni Kum became a reminder to limit sugar consumption, and Namak Halaal warned everyone to maintain sodium levels. Similarly, the poster for the Cocktail emphasised on drinking alcohol responsibly. Each post was accompanied by a caption and a blog on the topic.

The campaign caught the attention of social media users for its quirky and out-of-the-box presentation. While each movie poster was a health tip in itself, they also added to the celebration of World Kidney Day by creating awareness about kidney health. The campaign communicated the ideas well and resonated with the brand’s personality.

The campaign generated 33k+ impressions with 49k+ engagements across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The brand was able to generate conversations around kidney health and bridge the knowledge gap successfully. With that, you could say it was a blockbuster!

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