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TrotterTales: A Social Experiment!

Do you know the biggest challenge for creative minds? Time? Deadline? Creative blocks? No! The biggest challenge is working for an equally creative client, and that's what Social brought for us.

A creative, out-of-the-box brand and an equally off-beat campaign for them! What could be more challenging yet rewarding?

Kahani thodi filmy hai, but so are the Albatrotters!

When Social approached us to create a greater impact with its loyal customer base while bringing forward the quirky, unorthodox vibe of the brand's personality our team was challenged.

So, what did we do?

(Source: Giphy)

Social is a Cafe, Bar and co-working space at several locations. It is known for its ambience and delicious food. Be it lunch, brunch or a party, Social can simply say 'Main Hoon Na' to attract more people to its ambience.

(Source: Tumblr)

The brand serves millennials and Gen Z's up to date with trends and different aesthetics. Their followers not only want to know more about the brand but also want to be engaged with the brand. We were targeting the most fashion-forward, trendy, quirky and cool generation. Keeping their fleeting hearts engaged is a task since all of them would say, "Yeh Dil Maange More" when it comes to brands.

This led us to two routes of execution, one with year-long engagement with small campaigns and one collaboration with relevant influencers. Taking inspiration from the brand we decided to go with Hinglish as a language cause you know, "Yeh toh ek vibe hai."

The entire campaign was dedicated to drive performance through varied media platforms. Our team set the objectives to improve engagement, reach and click through rate with our content plans. We had to pursue the audience to not only observe our messages but to engage with them and take necessary action. Transforming observations into engagement can be challenging and driving it to action adds to the task.

We created dynamics and statics highlighting the brand's personality. From fun visuals to quirky topical content, we captured the essence of it all.

Have a look!

These creatives made sure to present the unorthodox side of the brand since the intent was to offer the brand’s information with relevant topics while focusing on the quirky personality of Social. Since the brand had a strong personality, our focus was on making it the baseline for any content that was created.

At the end of the campaign, we observed a surge in Instagram engagement, Facebook reach and Google link clicks. With 18,324,574 Reach, 6,526,281 Engagement and 548,925 link clicks, the success of our objectives was evident. By the end of it all, we could confidently say that this Social Experiment was a definite success!

To have unique and successful campaigns made for your brand, that illustrate your identity well, get in touch with us here.


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