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Trotter Tales: Jab Albatrot Met Ananya Birla

When the team of a critically acclaimed, talented and popular artist approaches Albatrotters with a large-scale objective, the story is bound to happen!

So, what was happening? Ananya Birla had a tour coming up in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Pune and Jaipur. It was much-anticipated as her fans had been waiting to see her back on stage. Even the tour name - 'You Make Me Better' - was to pay homage to the love and support Ananya has received from her fans over the years.

Her team approached us with the digital mandate to conceptualise and run an advertising campaign that would promote her tour and boost ticket sales. The challenge? All to be done in 6 weeks!

(Source: Tenor)

We knew that to conceptualise a campaign, target the correct audience and ensure conversions in such a short span, we had to strategise fast and well.

We started by creating a key visual for the entire tour. Creatives with the same visual language were created as promotional posts for social media and as Google Ads. After planning the media activities, we developed fresh content at rapid speed to communicate the message and spark audience recall. To reach the desired audience, we ran city-specific performance marketing campaigns with the goal of awareness, engagement and CTRs. We gained more traffic by boosting Instagram posts and our ads strategically. Leveraging a mix of dynamic and static content, and pushing them out on relevant platforms to reach a set audience profile, helped us build a strong campaign.

Our mix of content, clear and timely social media postings, and strategic performance marketing initiatives, formed a cohesive picture and helped generate buzz around the tour. We achieved our performance marketing goals in 45 days, generating 89K+ engagement on social media, 6L+ clicks and 76 L+ impressions.

(Source: Tenor)

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