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Steps for Building Brand Community

Today, brand building is not just limited to elements of brand identity. Advertisers have taken a holistic approach to brand building. Customers are well-informed about brands and the different tactics used by them, which has encouraged brands to take one step further and create a personalised bond with their customers.

Brands are treated as individuals with humane characteristics by all. Branding creates a narrative that is communicated with the audience to help them dive deeper into the brand’s universe.

Hence, every story needs to be unique, relevant and communicative of brand values. With such stories, we have witnessed the growth of Brand Communities.

Brands today are focusing on creating a community that resonates with them and their story, and supports their causes. They recognise that a purchase is beyond buying a product or service, and must also build a connection between them and their customers. This allows them to accumulate a pool of loyal customers.

So, how does one create a brand community?

Building a brand community takes a brand beyond the shelves and websites. It personifies the business to its consumers. Here's how you can build it:

Take Time

Many brands start creating a community thinking it will be done in a few days. However, like any great thing, building a brand community takes time. Best brands connect with their audiences over time and solve the problem.

Gathering people sharing an idea takes time, and you must give that to your brand. Plan well, share the idea(s) you believe in, and then start promoting them. Be patient.

Begin with Your Team

Build a community with those involved in the business. Treat it like an internal community. A clear vision and well-crafted strategy for your team will help you propel towards the desired direction. Your team will create an excellent after-sales service and ultimately attract more customers.

(Source: Dribbble)

Choose a Social Cause

Select a cause you believe in and promote it as a corporate social responsibility. Inform your customers about the cause, your contribution and encourage them to be a part of it.

Support a larger community and promote the greater good.

Use Videos to Involve Your Customers

To promote your community, use phrases like-

  • “We select our customers as our models.”

  • “Our customers helped us make this ad with their home-recorded videos.”

Create a story for your community and make them a part of your brand narrative.

Create a Value-driven Presence

On social media, have a presence that resonates with your audience. If you sell baby products, create a group for young parents and share tips for newborn care.

Be honest about sponsoring the group. Select a theme that suits your brand. If you sell cooking ingredients, start a recipe-sharing group.

Start an Educational Blog or Email Campaign

Focus on educating your community. Share valuable insights for free. Support your audience and inform them. Create simple blogs or informative snippets to share via email. Let the audience experience a feel of your brand.

(Source: Adweek)

Your brand identity will help you create a reliable brand community. Share information and build trust with your communication. Follow the steps mentioned above to create an excellent brand community, or get in touch with us to have it done for you just as for our existing clients.


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