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Importance of brand identity for your business

It’s easy, and quite common, for many to dive head-first into business promotions without first working on their brand identity. They fail to consider the end goal before starting promotions, and end up focusing too strongly on tagging along with short-lived trends. However, this hastiness about promotions and neglecting the significance of your brand identity can tax your business.

A strong recognition and differentiation point for your brand will drive better business than any trend-driven promotion. Creating a brand identity that supports your goal is thus crucial for business development. Top marketing agencies will help you create a brand identity through various visual aspects that bring your brand together.

One can showcase their brand identity with

  1. Logo

  2. Stationary

  3. Flyers, brochures, reports

  4. Signage

  5. Packaging

  6. Website

  7. Apparel

So what then does ‘brand identity’ exactly mean?

It is the application of brand value on any visual element that can be used to promote the business. It is more than a simple logo. Several marketing components can be incorporated to reinforce brand identity.

What makes brand identity so important?

  • Brand Personality

With colors and designs, anyone can easily recognise whether a brand is fun and quirky or premium and luxurious, thereby showcasing the brand personality. This brand personality ends up setting a tone for the brand and its communication. Any of the top advertising or marketing firms will suggest working on brand personality before diving into promotions.

  • Consistent Look

Such an identity helps in creating a consistent look for the business. Color palettes, fonts and designs help create a cohesive look suitable for the brand personality. These looks, when consistent, offer a pattern to advertisements to set their look and feel.

(Source - Lean Labs)

  • Distinction

Brand identity creates a significant distinction that would help differentiate your brand from its competitors. It can make your brand stand out on the shelf and create a positioning that would resonate with the target audience.

  • Brand Awareness

It creates awareness about the brand among its consumers. A particular shape or a shade of a color can be a reminder for your brand and its packaging. The more places you get featured, the better recall your audience will have.

  • Filter the Leads Generated

We all have a specific audience in mind; no one wants to do business with everyone. Hence, creating a discrete identity for your brand helps filter out the bad leads from the lot. If you sell premium handbags made from plant leather, reaching someone who buys purses from thrift stores won't be beneficial. Your ideal client is someone who purchases vegan products and understands how plant-based leather works or at least appreciates its significance.

(Source - Adweek)

  • Organize Product Launches

A well-crafted identity will help you with product launches and brand extensions. Due to awareness and a high recall value, identity creates loyalty that can help during product launches as the number of innovators and early adopters (consumers who select a new product at the initial stage) increases.

Creating an identity can be challenging. Not everyone can come up with the correct elements to represent your business. To create a brand identity that sets your business apart, experts at Albatrot can help you. Click here to connect with our team.


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