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Email Marketing: Relevance & Advantages

As a marketer, you might wonder whether Email marketing is effective. Some might think that it is outdated and irrelevant. However, such is not the case. Email marketing is as relevant as ever and offers several benefits.

For B2B sectors, email newsletters work wonders. A vast majority of millennials in business prefer email communication over others. In addition, most of the working population checks their email almost every day (often first thing in the morning) and hence, prefer receiving a few emails from businesses.

Marketers cannot overlook such details; therefore, developing an effective email marketing campaign is critical.

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Let's dig a little deeper to look at the advantages of email marketing.

I. Personalised Content

Once you have the email list of your potential clients, you can send a personalised message to each of them. It doesn't need to be anything elaborate; it could be as simple as drafting an email with a subject line that includes their name.

Include images or relevant offers considering the client's requirements.

Send the right email to the right people, and you will notice desired results.

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II. Gather Reviews and Surveys

Email marketing is a powerful tool for evaluating client satisfaction. Gather insights about customer experience by emailing customer satisfaction surveys to your buyers.

Keep up with the customer feedback and understand how you can improve their experience.

III. Improves Sales

While email marketing is brilliant for establishing two-way communication, it is more than that. It can play a great role in improving your sales. Feature products, services, discounts and other offers in emails. It will help in attracting customers. Include a line that motivates your audience to purchase with the website link that would ensure their purchase impulse gets converted. (Learn about the various types of buyers and their varying impulses here)

IV. Generating Traffic

Once you send messages to motivate your buyers, it will drive traffic to your website. Additionally, the audience interaction with your brand will improve. Add a CTA to every email so that readers go to your site.

V. Quick Campaigning

Traditional marketing campaigns take time and are expensive. While traditional campaigns are effective, one can design an email marketing campaign on shorter notice.

VI. Increasing Leads

Email marketing will save your sales team's effort and generate quality leads. If you want to focus on lead scoring through your inbound marketing, select email marketing.

(Source: Marketoonist)

VII. Affordable Campaigns

Traditional campaigns with print media are expensive; hence, smaller or local brands cannot promote themselves. Email campaigns are cheaper, potentially widespread and quick to execute. Therefore, any brand can optimise email marketing.

VIII. A Platform for Self-promotion

Email marketing is a smart way of creating a platform for self-promotion. One cannot promote their business on any random platform as it can come under some negative light. Email marketing allows everyone to promote themselves since the audience has chosen to receive updates on your business.

IX. Having Ownership Over the Content and Contact List

Whatever you post on social media lands in the public domain; hence, you cannot own it. With email marketing, however, you own your contact lists and the messages you send.

Build an email list and understand your target audience. Observe the audience's preference and accordingly share information.

To effortlessly build email marketing with the help of experts, connect with our team here.


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