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Customer Relationship Management as a Key to Business Growth

The world runs around connectivity, and we can access anyone at any time. Distances have become smaller, with social media bringing the world closer and making virtual platforms the new marketplace. This phenomenon is driving the client-centric market of the 21st century.

Today, the relationship between a business and its clients is not limited to purchase or lead generation. Marketers need to attract new and potential customers while retaining existing clientele. Hence, customer relationship management is crucial irrespective of the medium of communication.

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Social media is a growing platform for business and marketing. Internet users engage on different platforms to acquire information, entertain and engage with individuals and enterprises. Most social media users share their opinions and experiences through these platforms, wherein the opinions are not limited to simply politics or current affairs, but are often interactions between businesses and customers.

Online interactions between companies and customers on online platforms have increased in the past decade. Waiting for customer service executives to pick up a call is a dated practice. Now, everyone needs instant solutions. Social media is excellent for interaction; however, how can one practice customer relationship management through these platforms?

Three Ways of Optimising Social Media for CRM


Top social media marketing agencies will suggest managing complaints via social media. Though it might sound bizarre; but, social media is excellent for connecting with customers over grievances. They can send their problems in detail and provide information, and businesses can reply privately to resolve the issues.

Start by replying to the public message posted by the client. It will show your followers that you respond to complaints and comment sections. In step two, take the conversation in a private sphere.


Social media is not limited to complaints. It can be interactive and fun as well. While you resolve the issues by working on the complaints shared by your clients, ensure to reward their positivity. Share your customer's posts about your products or services on your page or like their comments. You can include offline rewards by organising contests or giveaways.

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Social media helps to up-sell and cross-sell your products and services to a large audience. Engage with your customers regularly and offer them great value. Don't oversell or bombard your followers with offers, but include a few to attract the audience.

Social media marketing has great potential to boost business growth. Check our projects to know more about how Albatrot helps in social media marketing and other aspects of digital marketing. Connect with our experts to know more.


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