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Applying AIDA to your Digital Marketing Strategy

We’re all well aware of the growth of digital marketing. Brands are omnipresent across different digital media. However, when everyone is on multiple platforms and your audience is exposed to everyone's content, how will you convince them to purchase from your brand?

(Source: Morning Consult)

Exposing your audience repeatedly to the same message will lead to audience fatigue. When competition is fierce, the market is cluttered, and options are endless, how will you engage your audience with relevant content to convince them to purchase?

This is where AIDA comes into play!

Now, what is AIDA?

It is an abbreviation for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. You can sum up the entire theory with one sentence -

"Marketers need to create a message that will grab the audiences' attention, induce interest in the product or service followed by a desire to acquire it, which ultimately motivates them to take action or make a purchase".

(Source: Roots Digital)

Let’s break it down further.