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Your Cheatsheet to Work with Negative Client Feedback

Advertising and marketing agencies work closely with different clients from several industries. Even when you specialise in a specific form of marketing or advertising, no two clients will be the same. Hence, the agency needs to adapt different styles to suit every client.

When working with clients, it is possible to receive negative feedback from time to time.

Is your client in the wrong to share negative feedback with you? No! Does it mean you're not good at your job? Absolutely not!

So, how will you work with negative feedback?

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Here are a few tips to help you navigate through negative feedback from a client:

Listen Carefully

Often when we work on something with dedication, many of us (knowingly or unknowingly) reject feedback or criticism. Try to avoid this and listen to every word to understand where your client stands and what their approach is for the campaign. The best agency's objective is to bring the client's vision to life in a manner better than anticipated. Hence, listen to your clients carefully as you do while listening to their brief.

Evaluate Rationally and Not Emotionally

As mentioned earlier, negative feedback doesn't mean you're bad at what you do. Distance yourself from the campaign and your work. Try to look at everything objectively. Being emotional will make it difficult for you to accept criticism.

It's Not You vs Them

Always remember, you're on your client's side no matter what! You're a team where you represent the creative half that helps them communicate with their customer base. Don't try to prove them wrong.

Listen to their issues and try to resolve them. Explain your point of view behind doing something if needed. Don't handle the situation from the us vs them perspective.

Get Clarity and Seek Time

Ask questions if needed. Get clarity over the brief once again and confirm whether you have an understanding of their expectations. Once you get on the same page as your clients, ask for time. Your team has worked on these ideas for days, if not weeks, and they will need a few more days to rework it; hence, don't promise overnight rework. Be humble and apologise to your clients.

Discuss Everything with your Team

Once you're done meeting your client, discuss everything with your team. Ask them if they have any problems or challenges on their own. Don't bash your team unnecessarily. Support them, and get the work done. Try to deliver the work before the new deadline.

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Have a positive approach to the work. Adopt a new outlook if needed, and create magic.

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