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Why leveraging platform-specific insights can lead to robust online sales

If you remember the iconic last scene from DDLJ, you'll notice that major parts of the movie involved Simran's father slowly yet gradually coming to terms with Simran's feelings for Rahul, the boy whom she loved so deeply. While the movie made for an entertaining watch, in a real-life scenario set in 2020, all the characters would live a more fulfilling life if they understood each other's sentiments better. While there's no way yet to fully understand how and why we feel the way we do about others, social media has thankfully come a long way in gaining insights about consumer behaviour and predicting the way people would choose to interact with your brand across each platform.

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What is a brand sentiment? Simply put, It’s the way users perceive your online persona, be it positive, negative or neutral. Understanding this treasure trove of consumer data can help you alter perceptions and nudge consumers towards buying your products. Such insights can help your brand shape its own identity and further target potential consumers. Here’s a few reasons why leveraging this data specific to every platform can translate into tangible online sales.

1. Contextualized insights: Knowing what your customers think can help you better refine your ad targeting. By employing social listening tools such as Hootsuite and Semrush, you can stay updated on your consumers’ needs. This will ensure that your budgets are stretched to offer maximum efficiency. Just saying ‘aao, aao’ to your consumers is not enough, brands also ought to know the fuel that drives their consumer’s behaviour.

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2. Improved communication: Every platform has its own unique needs when it comes to deciding brand messaging. For example, while your brand’s voice might be perfect for Instagram, the same might not work for your Twitter followers since conversations play a bigger role there. Understanding the need for differentiated strategies is the most reliable way of wooing your audiences to lead them towards adding your products to their carts.

3. Key-word tracking: Monitoring brand mentions can help you learn how users on every platform are being influenced by your presence. Through keyword research, eliminating negative keywords and encouraging positive ones in your brand communications can help you develop meaningful connections with your audience. This will further prompt them to prefer your products over others owing to the high favorability that your brand now commands in their headspace.

4. Enhanced customer service: Mapping your audience’s behaviour across platforms is a great way to put a pin on their emotions and feelings. By educating yourself on what resonates with your consumers and where, you are better able to resolve their issues and deepen your levels of engagement. If they have a good experience with your after-sales support, they are more likely to ‘palat’ and come back to your brand in the future.

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5. Distant competitors: Through brand perception analysis, you can analyse your competitor’s brand image on another platform and gain insights for aligning your own strategies. This enables you to transform your brand as and when required to make it stand out from clutter. Not only can you make your current consumers happy, but you might also overtake your competition by influencing their audience to come over to your side.

At the end of the day, technology has always meant to help us improve our services and better understand the needs of the market. With the help of data analytics and intelligent tools, it is now possible to employ technology in achieving sales that once seemed impossible.

Albatrot Cart, our online sales accelerator, is our newest offering for our clients to drive online sales without having to themselves learn all the expertise needed for it from scratch. If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard of it, you should know that ‘bade bade shehero mein aisi choti choti baatein hoti rehti hai, senorita’. It’s time you got your online sales simplified by reaching out to one of our experts to learn more about Albatrot Cart.


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