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Why Brands Need to Celebrate Topical Days on Social Media

A strong medium used by brands to communicate with their audience is campaigns, but not all campaigns revolve around sales. Brands sometimes optimise different occasions and festivals to connect with the audience. They often do so by celebrating topical days on their social media pages. But why do they do that?

First, of course, to engage more audiences online. The audience feels more connected to the brand when they see them celebrating different holidays and resonate with the connection that the audience feels with these festivals or days. And the second reason is to differentiate their engaging content from their brand content through creative ways - while engaging content helps the audience participate in the brand campaigns actively, brand content like topical days allows the brand to show its brand values through different celebrations.

(Source: Fat Guy Media)

The audience feels more connected with a brand when it breaks the generalisation through ad campaigns. For example, when we see a car brand celebrating Women’s Day by emphasising equal gender roles, or maybe when a cooking oil brand celebrates Men’s Day, it forms an emotional connection with the audience thereby increasing the brand’s engagement with the audience.

Let’s review the merits of creating topical content -

Building brand awareness: Social media can help brands reach a wider audience by participating in relevant conversations through topical days. Using popular hashtags can help brands increase their visibility and attract new followers. For example, famous brands like BYJU's created the 'Master Ji - A Teacher's Day Tribute' campaign for Teacher's Day in 2021, which affected the brand in numerous ways. The hashtags #LearnUnlearnRelearn and #KeepLearning eventually reached a larger audience.

Increasing sales: Online businesses try to sell products or services to the target market - but celebrating holidays on social media can help the brand do it more effectively. For example, a bakery brand can reach a larger audience during Christmas by celebrating the day. Another example of a famous brand is Cadbury which celebrates every topical occasion by reimagining the exchange of sweets and getting a position in every celebration.

Providing opportunities for engagement: Topical days often generate a lot of engagement on social media, which can provide opportunities for brands to engage with their audience and build deeper relationships with them. For example, different competitions, online games, and events make a brand more reachable. Brands can also participate in conversations, share relevant content, and respond to comments to build a stronger connection with their followers.

Promoting your brand from a unique angle: The way a brand frames different holidays and celebrates occasions plays a critical role in engaging its audience. The right angle decides whether people will read the post, appreciate it and click through the brand’s site. And it works better if the brand can relate the holiday with their product or service!

Social media can, without a doubt, be a noisy place. Marketers can face immense difficulty while trying to get their message heard amidst the crowd. This is why originality is one of the key determinants of effective social media holiday content. While unique, your celebration posts must also be relevant to your specific audience; otherwise, they could appear random and alienate the audience segment instead of bringing them closer.

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