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Trotter Talks: Raashi Prajapati

Brand Strategist

She's the younger half of the 'Planning Prajapatis' and the youngest of the Albatrotters. This 2000s baby is a pro when it comes to juggling multiple roles at Albatrot. For the last year and a half, everyone has witnessed her acing the tasks while preparing for entrance exams to pursue a Master's Degree.

She's our favourite Brand Strategist, Raashi Prajapati!

Now as she prepares to fly away for her further education, we asked her to share a glimpse of her life as an Albatrotter and her journey thus far. Here's what this sincere birdie told us,

Can you start by sharing something about your responsibilities as a Brand Strategist?

My responsibilities include performance marketing, client servicing and influencer marketing. However, my role is not restricted so, sometimes I pitch to clients and create campaigns as well.

Can you tell us why you decided to work while preparing for your entrance exams?

After completing my graduation in BMM-Advertising, though I knew I would pursue a Master's, I wanted direction. To get the correct perspective and understand my strengths, taking up a job seemed natural and the next best stepping stone.

Any particular reasons for taking up this particular role?

Honestly, I wanted to be in an agency and understand how it works, whether it suits my working style, and the ways in which I can contribute to it. While searching for jobs, the job description for Brand Strategist attracted and motivated me to find my feet.

Tell us honestly, are there any perks of being the youngest Albatrotter?

No, ya! Everyone treats me like an equal, and that's something commendable about the team. No one overlooks my suggestions or over-directs my work solely because I am the youngest. That's the best, honestly!

What do you love about your job?

So, I get to be in my brother's team, and nothing beats that! Also, the entire team is extremely supportive and fun to work with. Here, I genuinely get to work on dynamic roles and explore different facets of work that I enjoy.

Anything you hate about your job?

Honestly, I don't hate anything about work, but sometimes working on different roles and taking up dynamic responsibilities can be overwhelming.

What would you advise someone looking for a job while preparing for a Master's?

One should start by researching the roles and comparing them with their likes and skill sets. Also, they shouldn't be apprehensive about trying new things as it can be rewarding to discover a new side of one's own abilities.

What is the best part about being at an agency?

You get to work with a talented yet approachable team. Also, there are endless opportunities for learning and career development. Each day is different!

How do you think this year-and-a-half as an Albatrotter helped you?

My understanding of the agency's roles and my strengths have improved considerably. The work experience from Albatrot will add to my profile once I complete my Master's. Additionally, I anticipate fewer unforeseen challenges in my future employment endeavours.

Anything you would like to say to someone applying for your role?

Be ready to learn, and don't be afraid to ask for help. In the start, it will be overwhelming but after a while, you will find your groove.

That's Raashi Prajapati! Always sincere at work and ready to spread her wings to soar away, into a new city and a new life.

Would you like to join our team and try a dynamic role like hers? Click here to join Albatrot!


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