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Trotter Talks: Priyanka Shirke

Design Manager

She's the girl boss of our design team! This calm-looking but mischievous Albatrotter can prank the office prankster and has a sassy side to her that shines occasionally. She's none other than 'Priyanka Shirke', our Design Manager! She has been acing up in the team for a year and a half.

An integral part of the team, her day off often results in a long day for the rest of us.

This is what she had to share when asked about her day as an Albatrotter:

Let's start with your profile and your responsibilities as a Design Manager.

Essentially, I am responsible for executing the designs of campaigns, content plans and website designs for different clients.

Would you like to share a few things about your professional journey?

I have been working as a designer for almost ten years now. I completed my graduation from Raheja School of Art in Commercial Art and then started working as a designer and animator in different companies. Learning has been a continuous process as self-updation works best in our field.

Sounds interesting! Can you share a bit about your typical work day?

Like for any Albatrotter or even any agency employee, my days are unpredictable. I can't plan a lot since urgent work can arise at any time. However, discussions and prioritising the checklist at the beginning helps me manage the time.

What do you like the most about being an Albatrotter?

The best part about Albatrot is the team itself. Everyone is unique and gives their best effort in supporting each other. Further, the flexible work culture offers certain autonomy, which is crucial for a creative person.

Is there anything that you hate about your job?

Nothing about the work; however, at times, unreasonable demands and unrealistic timelines from the clients can be overwhelming. Also, no one loves last-minute changes in the overall creative direction.

Could you tell us what inspires you as a creative individual?

The opportunity to explore my creativity and adapt new styles of execution inspires me to improve. Further, new challenging briefs that encourage us to go beyond the set pattern are something that I look forward to.

If someone wants to join your team, what are the qualities they must have?

Basic knowledge of the software is required. In this field, it is crucial for the individual to be open to learning and to experiment with new ideas. Someone who can bring their ideas (however preposterous they may seem!) to the table and is open to suggestions can be an asset to the team.

So, that's our Design Manager Priyanka for you! To join her team, and explore your creativity with a unique design sense, click here.


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