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"Hum ek baar jeete hai, ek baar marte hai, shaadi bhi ek baar hoti hai;

aur pyar...

Pyaar bhi ek baar hi hota hai.”

(Source: Tenor)

We've held Rahul's words close to our hearts for over two decades now. Isn't it wonderful how love and companionship with the right one can make life blissful?

But shaadi ka partner galat nikla toh?

While the right partner can make your life beautiful, the wrong partner can change your entire life for the worse. And what could be even more unpleasant than that? If you don’t even see this diabolical partner entering your life!

NephroPlus identified one such potential partner in the lives of young Indian adults, and decided to raise awareness against it.

Who is this partner, you ask?

Well, it’s Diabetes!

It’s a lifelong partnership that you may realise too late, and once you do, it may be far beyond avoidance.

Nephroplus knew that while diabetes is permanent, the condition of prediabetes can be reversed and so, they set out to do something about it.

We believed that it was important to strike a chord with an audience that doesn’t relate to a disease altogether. Why?

Because most of the campaigns around diabetes target middle-aged individuals or the elderly population and focus on lifestyle changes one needs to make after being diagnosed.

Till here, it was clear. (Oof, rhyming!)

But how do we get the target group's attention?

Well, what better topic to connect with the young Indian audience than…

wait for it…


(Source: Tenor)

Though their likes and dislikes might differ, most of the individuals in this age group are either getting married or face the legendary question - "Shaadi kab karoge?" (When will you get married?). Either way, marriage happens to be a predominant topic in the lives of most within this age group.

With this thought process, ‘Diabetes Matrimony’ was conceptualized. The campaign highlighted key elements of weddings in India, with the added twist of diabetes emerging as their lawfully wedded partner.

A beautiful diamond ring, the age-old symbol of marriage or commitment, is accompanied by a one-liner - 'Diabetes hai sada ke liye' which pays homage to a famous slogan for a diamond brand.

Using humour and irony, the campaign brought significant attention to the fact that, in today’s world, diabetes holds age, gender, status, class, etc. as no bar in choosing its target. Getting rid of the notion that it affects only the elderly was thus a crucial part of the vision.

Well-received across all platforms, the message was successful in fulfilling the objectives determined at the start of the campaign.

With it, NephroPlus asserted to all Rahul fans, “Agar shaadi ek hi baar karni hai, toh partner sahi hona chahiye.”

(Source: iDiva)


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