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Measuring Performance Marketing

How do you do it?

Businesses work on ROI (Return on Investment). It is important to choose the right technique to market your business to capture the right audience and boost growth for brand building. However, where marketing techniques are concerned, many make decisions without thinking about ROI.

Online marketing techniques are ever-changing and evolve quickly compared to regular marketing techniques. Hence, you need to utilise them well to optimise their full potential. If you're thinking of online communication or branding, here's how you can evaluate performance marketing:

Analytical Goals

Every campaign starts with some goals or objectives; however, not all are measurable. While goals can be different as per the brand and its requirement, it is crucial to choose analytical goals that can be evaluated with calculations.

Your goal can be something like:

  • Lead generation

  • Improved conversion rate

  • Engagement

  • Customer loyalty

Measurable ROI can be a game changer for any brand. Hence, be sure to select quantifiable goals.

(Source: Lystloc)

Analytics of Website

Whether you build your website with sites like WordPress or choose to build it with your resources, you need access to the analytics. Based on the increase or decrease in traffic, you can evaluate how well your website works to engage your audience. Observe how different environments and marketing trends work in favour of or against your brand.