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Influencer Marketing and its Effect on the Audience

Today, social media has empowered many to become influencers. People can easily choose a field of interest or a skill that interests them and use their knowledge to influence others. Every social media platform is marked with a plethora of influencers engaging different audiences. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook are home to such content creators.

Do you like to travel? Be a travel vlogger! If cooking interests you, go and share your recipes! Are you good with gadgets? Review these newly introduced products! From makeup to medicine, you will find influencers in every field.

It was only a decade ago when audiences loved seeing their favourite celebrity endorse their favourite product. Today, many brands collaborate with several influencers instead of one megastar or a celebrity.

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How is celebrity endorsement different from influencer marketing?

Celebrity endorsement is where celebrities sign deals with brands to appear in their advertisement. Influencer marketing is targeted towards a niche audience for engagement.

Celebrity endorsements are a one-way communication, intended to be seen and heard. The audience cannot interact with these messages.

Influencer marketing is focused on a niche where the audience is expected and encouraged to interact with the message.

While the line between influencers and celebrities has been getting blurrier with each passing day, it is up to businesses to determine how this marketing technique fits into their overall marketing strategy.

Let's understand with examples!


Yogabar is a Mumbai-based brand for healthy snacks and drinks. Their products are known for their nutritional value and taste.

They focus on influencer marketing to promote their product.

Instead of collaborating with one or two mega influencers or celebrities, Yogabar collaborates with over 100 micro influencers, each with a niche of their own.

(Source: Shopify)


With its unique range of products derived from coffee, mCaffeine is India's first brand of personal care products. Although a relatively new brand, they gathered audience attention by collaborating with celebrities like Vikrant Massy, Radhika Apte and Shruti Hassan to promote their products.

They collaborated with both micro and macro influencers on social media which helped them tap into different influencers.

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