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Expanding geographically without high investments

Harding, Howell & Co, in Pall Mall London opened its doors in 1796. It was the first shop in the world, or at least the first public retail establishment. We’ve come a long way.

When I started my career in marketing, over a decade ago, one of the first presentations that really impressed me was on shopper marketing. Slide after slide about consumer behaviour inside a departmental store. From the colour of packaging, to the eye level at which your product could achieve the most visibility. It was an entire world of new. Brands and agencies dedicated to finding the right placement, the right size, the right well, everything.

Even after a decade, a lot of it seems to hold true, with the only difference - the platforms to sell have changed. 50000 startups emerged from India in 2018 alone. That’s 7x the number a decade ago. Made possible by these new platforms and easy access to technology, it’s become easier than ever to have a dream, and work towards making it come true.

With the barriers to entry reduced, a new problem came to the forefront; the red oceans - the fierce competition and the scarcity of blue ones. This made survival hard and expansion only a distant thought for most. However, through these dense labyrinths emerged some winners, some fantastical beasts that defeated all odds and rose.

What made them different? While people argue for a multitude of sides, I’d say data. It’s knowing who their consumers were, focussing on them, adapting to their needs, and building products that helped them solve real problems is what made these startups rise above the rest. All of this was achieved with the right data, obtained from the right sources. Data that helped businesses not only expand but go beyond boundaries, and achieve the unattainable. Your business can achieve the same.

(Source - Unsplash)

That’s what we do here at Albatrot Cart. We help you leverage data so you can reach the right audiences, talk their language, and create your own blue ocean. We’ve trained to do this, we’re certified to do this, and we have the experience to make things happen for your business. There’s a buffet of possibilities out there amidst all the chaos digital offers to be, and we simply know how to pick the right dishes.

Today, we work with businesses from across industries and help them increase their revenue for a fraction of the cost. Selling products is not only possible in India, but globally, and Cart allows for our team sitting right here to make that possible.

Sometimes I wished we lived in 1796, but then I’d be out of business.


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