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ChatGPT in the World of Digital Marketing

In the last few days, every industry has been buzzing with ChatGPT and its ability to communicate. AI development has revolutionised the ChatBot industry. The capability of creating comprehensive text and copies is what makes ChatGPT unique and different from the other available ChatBots.

This has led many experts to contemplate the scope of advertisers and marketers. Now that AI can generate copies, do we need copywriters and content writers? Do clients need to seek an agency of experts for creating campaigns and content, or can ChatGPT replace them?

Let's understand.

What is ChatGPT?

Simply put, an AI chatbot where you ask questions and ChatGPT generates answers. You can ask it to write a love letter, and ChatGPT will tune to the romantic language. You can require a resume, and ChatGPT would give you a draft! The same goes for any kind of copy.

Now you have your copy! This brilliant AI creates a fine copy without plagiarism. What does this mean? Are marketing and advertising lost jobs? Are our copy and content writers outdated? Do we not need content strategists?

The answer to all the questions is NOT! We need creative individuals and storytellers capable of sharing ideas most effectively. In most jobs, the human touch is still an absolute necessity. However, ChatGPT can help!

Let's understand,

A prominent rule of the 21st Century is to be harmonious with technology. This new AI development is not an enemy. However, though revolutionary, it won't revolutionise advertising or marketing as a field dramatically. What it can do is this:

Help small businesses

While ChatGPT cannot replace the agency's skills and talents, a small business can benefit from it. Simple and easy-to-understand copies can help any small business start marketing itself internally. Essentially, it will help them get started to get the word out there.

Offer prompts

Any creative person may experience a slump or creative block. With prompts created by ChatGPT, one can have a place to start. Some of those words generated by AI can help you in ideation.