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A Day in the Life of an Albatrotter

Ft. Ganesh Raut, Art Director

He's one of the most wanted Albatrotters! The most in demand, reliable, and everyone's favourite - Ganesh Raut, aka the Design Wizard!

He started his journey as a Design manager at Albatrot in 2021. Acing and pacing through multiple achievements, today, this Albatrotter has reached a new milestone of being designated as the Art Director of Albatrot!

Although a man of few words, this, in-reality, light-hearted Albatrotter surely knows how to save the day! One of the calmest and most composed people one would know, his unique sense of humour will always make you laugh.

As we finally caught him for a quick chat, here's what the wizard revealed about his typical day as an Albatrotter...

So, as the newest Art Director and former Design Manager at Albatrot, can you shed some light on your role?

My primary role overlaps in both designations. As a design manager, I was responsible for design execution with the clear and simplistic presentation of ideas.

Now as an Art Director, I have the added responsibility of team management which includes planning-execution and problem-solving. This role is about having an overview of the entire design team.

Can you share a bit about your day at work?

Now that I am responsible for a team, I start my day by planning the day for everyone. I distribute the work among all the designers, animators and myself. I brief my team about the work and help them if needed. Once everyone knows their goal for the day, I start designing. Though every day starts on the same note, it doesn't follow any pattern afterwards.

Your role seems stressful, but what makes you love your job?

I have always been a creative person with a keen interest in painting. Even while pursuing my graduation in commerce, I started freelancing as a designer. After pursuing my design degree from Raheja School of Art, I worked with a few companies as an in-house designer before joining Albatrot. Here, I get to explore my love for art and design. I like the artistic side of my role.

You are acing your role as a team leader, what's the secret?

Understand your team and work with them. It is critical to remember that a team is not working under you but rather, with you. If they lose direction, it's the leader's responsibility to bring them back on track. Also, as a leader, I ensure that my team members' individual creative vision is not compromised.

Can you tell us a part of your job that you dislike?

Rushed timelines. At times there can be urgent work, but when there's urgency and rush, we don't get to explore the full potential of our ideas.

Is there anything that scares you about the job?

I am not scared or afraid of anything with respect to the job, but it is disheartening when good creatives and excellent ideas get rejected. I feel bad for the effort that goes in vain, but that's a part of it.

What do you think of the AI's ability to create designs; do you think it will eliminate the need for designers?

AI will design what it is directed to create. However, creativity or human emotion will not be transferred into it. Also, AI works on algorithms and that will make standard designs which will be difficult to differentiate. To add a competitive edge, we need designers and other creative individuals for ideation and brand personification.

If someone wants to join your team at Albatrot or is an aspiring designer, what qualities must they have?

Three qualities make a good designer:

  1. Knowledge of creatives

  2. Understanding software

  3. Being a problem solver

The rest comes with experience but one must start working on these qualities.

...and that's our Design Wizard for you! He is sincere, creative and intelligent, and one of the most brilliant human assets at Albatrot. To work with Ganesh Raut, click here to join the team!


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