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Relevance of Newspaper Advertising in 2023

Newspaper advertising is one of the oldest forms of advertising; however, with the growth in digital marketing and social media promotions, many are sceptical about it!

To Advertise or Not to Advertise?

(Source: Tenor)

Many brands and companies are often indecisive about newspaper advertising. Some brands find it expensive, while others don't believe in its relevance anymore.

However, if you go through any newspaper, you will find it filled with quarter-page, half-page and full-page advertisements. On weekends, the same newspaper will have two cover pages with four advertisements. That itself is proof enough for the efficacy of newspaper advertisements.

Newspapers work on two factors, circulation and readership. Both factors play a crucial role in advertising and its reach. While circulation focuses on the total count of copies distributed, readership indicates the number of actual readers of the publication.

Both are easy to understand with a simple example, imagine a household with four adults getting one newspaper from a publication, and all members reading it every day, the readership will be four while circulation will be considered one.

Irrespective of the circulation, readership is often higher; hence, one needs to consider readership to estimate the reach of their advertisement.

Here’s why you should consider newspaper advertising for your brand:

The Vitality of Newspaper

Though it is a traditional medium of communication due to the audience's need for unbiased and unfiltered information, the medium has retained vitality. Newspapers are held to high ethical standards and serve the interests of their readers.

Therefore, the audience turns to newspaper publications for reliable information. This also results in better recall for newspaper advertisements. While we often question content circulated on social media; we tend to believe in newspapers.

Take Amul’s take on current affairs as an example. The small rectangle with a simple comic-book style never fails to catch attention.

(Source: Exchange4Media)


Social media is known as a medium with limited viewer attention. Everything on social media revolves around 30 sec to 1 minute of content. Anything beyond that will not interest your audience.

You can use newspapers as a medium for edutainment where the information is presented in an engaging format. The trend of advertorials will observe a surge in 2023.

Check this newspaper ad for iD filter coffee decoction, and witness how the design and copy work together to engage the audience.

(Source: MediaExp1)

Digital Newspaper Advertising

Gone are the days when newspapers were limited to print form. Today, every well-known newspaper brand has a digital form which offers reliability to the advertising content on digital platforms.

Also, advertising in these digital newspapers can be cost-effective compared to the traditional form of newspaper advertising.

Today, newspaper advertisements are a reliable medium of communication. In addition, it offers better recall and has a reach beyond a niche audience. Hence, every brand must consider promoting its products and services with newspapers.

Do you want to run a print campaign for your brand?

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