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Augmented Reality: The Future of Marketing

When the world was first introduced to Augmented Reality or AR, no one anticipated it to be a fast-growing technology. Today, what was unimaginable two decades ago, is available to all. Anyone can promote their business using augmented reality.

The immersive experience of augmented reality is not exotic. While anyone can engage in it for marketing, many question whether it is truly profitable.

(Source: Techgenyz)

What Makes Augmented Reality Profitable?

Augmented reality brings an abundance of opportunity for business owners. Here are a few of its tangible benefits that you must consider as a marketer:

Unique Customer Experience

Today, anyone with a smartphone or access to a web browser can experience augmented reality and its immersive experience.

While other audio-visual mediums are excellent for communicating the message, they have a clear distinction between reality and image. However, AR merges reality with imagination to create a mirage.

Makes Cognition Easy

Generally, user manuals and documents can be challenging to understand. Even though some of your audience might comprehend it, amateurs can find it difficult to understand.

AR disposes of the possibility of cognitive overload. It offers the information in a clear, concise format, where understanding becomes easy.

Improves User Engagement

Augmented reality offers something beyond mundane marketing communication to the audience. It attracts the audience's attention and engages them without any distractions.

Decades ago, brands were engaging audiences with videos and pictures, while today, they focus on experience through engagement.

Competitive Advantage

In a marketplace where everyone shares similar content to promote similar products to a common audience, AR is a brilliant move to stand apart from the competition.

Augmented reality will improve the creative output of your content. The audience will have a breath of fresh air with your AR campaign, which will help you customise the experience for each of your audiences.

Immersive Learning

While organisations spend a ton of their budget on training employees, practical training is not always possible. Augmented reality mimics the experience and offers a better understanding without practical training.

This also helps the company to gather data regarding employee engagement and performance evaluation.

Real-time Data Analytics

AR gives actionable details to monitor operations and security. Data analytics help companies improve profits. With AR, you can integrate real-time analytics on-site for employees and operations.

A Few Successful AR Campaigns

IKEA Studio App

With LiDAR sensors in iPhones, the all-new Ikea Studio app enables users to capture the 3D room designs and reimagine them, comprising everything from windows and door frames to wall paints and rugs.

(Source: Adweek)

Gucci - Virtual Sneakers

Gucci was one of the first prime brands to work with AR. Their app allows customers to try on sneakers and experience how a particular pair of sneakers will look on their feet.

Augmented reality is the future of marketing. It is growing and expanding day by day, helping brands achieve new levels of engagement for their audience.

If you want to experiment with AR to engage your audience, click here to connect with our team of experts in AR.


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