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A Day in the Life of an Albatrotter

ft. Sohail Prajapati, Brand Strategy Manager

If you ever visit our office, you will find this 6 feet tall human with big glasses working on his laptop or briefing the designers and copywriters during his break. So what does he do? He keeps the office environment easy and fun. He sings (Off scale) one song on a loop the entire day, waits for his lunch and eats it only after 8.00 pm. He teases everyone yet makes them laugh! His quirky and goofy behaviour makes him worthy of the title ‘Khurafati Prajapati’!

He's our very own Sohail Prajapati, the Brand Strategy Manager for Albatrot!

After hunting this busy bee for weeks, we finally got a glimpse into his life as an Albatrotter.

Here's what he had to say when we asked the following questions,

Tell us about your work and what you do.

Magic! Just kidding, as an Brand Strategy Manager, my profile has two roles:

1- Account servicing, which includes working with clients, offering them content plans and working with the team to bring the client's visions to life.

2- Account planning, which revolves around pitching potential clients and coming up with new ideas to get them on board with us.

What's your typical day at work?

We're working in a creative field, and there are no rules to creativity. Further, as I explained, my role is dynamic; hence, no two days look the same. You can say there's nothing typical about my day at work!

Since there's nothing typical about your job, what makes you love it?

Getting to know the audience's profile for various brands. While looking for potential clients, I cannot aim in the dark. For every pitch, every client potential or on board, I need to understand their target audience and business objectives. This learning itself is exciting for me!

Is there a part of your job that you dislike?

Yes. As much as I enjoy creating advertising campaigns for Facebook and Google, it is a hassle to wait for them to be approved and optimised. Therefore, I don't enjoy it as much as I should.

What do you think about leading a team?

No team can survive on one person's ideas. I enjoy collaborative work and hence encourage my team to share their ideas. Leading is another learning, and I love it when designers, copywriters and everyone on the internal team share their thoughts to put our best foot forward.

Your job revolves around coordinating with people, clients and the internal team; how do you handle it?

So, the team performs well when there's no pressure. Hence I ensure to set a deadline with my clients considering my team's comfort.

Further, I break down the brief to make it easy to understand for the team. Despite that, if things go south and the client doesn't share favourable feedback, I am always open to discussion as it helps me put our approach in perspective and understand

What's your biggest fear as a Brand Strategy Manager?

Overspending on an ad account! This is my biggest fear while working! Imagine you ended up spending above your client's budget!

Which qualities should anyone have if they aspire to be a Brand Strategy Manager?

I wouldn't say it's complicated but it would be exciting if they have the following qualities:

  1. Open to learning (One cannot assume they know it all)

  2. Enjoy talking to people

  3. Be good with numbers (basic maths)- Good with data analysis and comprehension

How do you manage mischief and work?

Everyone enjoys a good laugh. They don't get stressed about work despite having a long day. Also, it's easy to get the work done.

That's our Khurafati Prajapati for you! He's chill and fun, yet one of the most reliable ones in the team, always ready to help and support all those around him (with some obviously bad puns)!

If you want to work with Sohail or be a part of his team, click here to join us!


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