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9 P's of Marketing Mix to Improve Advertising Campaigns

Yes, you read it right! No, there's no typo in our title! So what are these 9Ps of Marketing Mix?

We know the four Ps of Marketing Mix, then there are seven Ps, but what are these 9 Ps?

Let's start with what we all know,

1. Product

2. Price

3. Place

4. Promotion

5. People

6. Process

7. Physical Evidence

Now to these 7, let's add two more Ps:

Partners and Presentation to make them the 9P's of marketing mix!

(Source: Pinterest)

Ready to dig a little deeper?

The marketing mix of the 7P's is known to everyone; however, have you ever wondered how it helps an advertising agency?

Here's how!


The product includes all three, product, service or ideas that one wants to promote. Agencies need to understand all the attributes of such offerings to be able to promote them. The client will love what they offer but you as an agency need to understand how to focus on sellable aspects of the client's business.

Tip: Focus on USPs and aspects you can sell.


Price is often strategically chosen. An agency cannot change the price of a product; however, you can determine whether or not to highlight the price in a marketing communication. Parle-G focuses on Rs.5 as its price but Dark Fantasy Ads rarely focus on price.

Tip: At times price is a USP but not always.


Where is the brand available? Where is your target audience coming from? Where is the production plant? Your answers to these questions will influence where you target the campaign and how you communicate in different geographical areas.

Tip: If it's a store in Delhi that wants to advertise in the newspaper you need to ensure that newspapers in Mumbai do not showcase your advertisement.


These are the people who make the business and you will be dealing with a few of them. Hence, while creating any campaign you want to convey what these individuals want to say and how they will be communicating it with their audience.

Tip: It's your job to find the right tone to represent your client.


Understanding who you are promoting, and why you are promoting them, will help you figure out how to promote them. Don't complicate things, and focus on being clear, concise and comprehensive.

Tip: Promote the problem to offer a solution, and promote the gap to showcase a new idea!


Find a process that works for your clients and your team. You may develop a different process for different clients; however, it is not always necessary that the same pattern will work every time.

Tip: Don't impose rules; offer creative freedom but continue to grow with a plan.

(Source: Pinterest)

Physical Evidence

Advertising and marketing agencies can also create physical evidence for the clients. It can be done by designing a logo and creating collaterals and mailers. While doing so, an advertising agency needs to focus on creating an image that has a good recall value for customers.

Tip: Identify the needs of your client and accordingly choose the right elements.


These are your creative partners and strategic associates! The ones you collaborate with and the ones who help you enhance your business. Ensure to have partners who are reliable and excellent for your image.

Tip: Be wise while choosing such partners. A small yet credible business is better to collaborate with than a controversial giant.


All about how you choose to present the brand! Are they quirky and offbeat or serious with expertise? Determine colours, fonts and texts to communicate the business. Also, keep the communication consistent to present the brand.

Tip: Create a palate with colours and shades that resonate with the brand.

Following these tips will help you market any business well. In addition, you can use the marketing mix as a master key to crack any brief.

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