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Norwegian Honey House

Norwegian Honey House Ltd is the UK branch of a family-owned business with an inherited bee keeping tradition for 5 generations. With seasonal honey sourced from the richest fields of Scandinavian farms, this brand prides itself on its unadulterated, pure and flavourful honey.

Albatrot was brought on with a mandate of establishing the brand’s identity via logo design and packaging. The intent was to focus on the rich heritage of beekeeping while celebrating the hero - the honeybee. 

Logo Ideation

We created a logo that integrated an abstract form of the honeycomb, the dots within symbolizing the golden drops of honey. We’ve also added the letters H at the top right and bottom right that are initials for Honey House while keeping the bee at the core of our communication. We’ve set this against a regal mauve to bring out the traditional aspect of beekeeping culture.

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Colour Palette

Logo Variations

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