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Bajaj Capital Limited

Bajaj Capital Ltd is one of the country’s most trusted partners for financial services. Considering the healthcare crises around the world, the brand felt the need to highlight their health insurance services - a task trusted upon us at Albatrot.

The challenge.


Top of mind recall around ‘Insurance’ — Redefining the saturated communication around health insurance in a cluttered space 


Lead generation — Driving quality leads to the sales teams 

Our Solutions.


Lighthearted Communication —

Focusing on an interactive strategy, we gave the campaign a face - Captain Bajaj Capital — a trustworthy mascot acting as the one-stop solution for the challenges and lack of awareness around insurance.  

Meet Captain Bajaj

With the main goal to establish trust between the target audience and the brand, we personified the product with this character. We positioned him as the face of accessible health insurance for first-time buyers who need hand-holding, and for those who have purchased policies that don’t suit their personal medical needs.

Captain Bajaj


Illustrated comics —

We closed the loop by expressing the often-too-real scenarios we find ourselves in when dealing with health insurance, through engaging and witty comics. 


Goal Lead Performance Marketing —

Focusing precisely on the insurance needs of communities across varying regions in the country, we ran lead generation campaigns for the audience to reach Captain on a microsite.