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Maximising Insurance

McXtra is an insurer-agnostic platform that empowers organisations and their employees by digitizing group mediclaim policies and providing geo-location-based real-time emergency assistance.


We conceptualised a digital strategy to drive awareness, build a strong online community and push the reach and engagement, with the primary objective of driving app installations. The main challenge with creating online engagement for this brand was that not many users are receptive to content surrounding insurance.


To combat this, we used a mix-media plan including LinkedIn and Facebook to target the right audience. To ensure that the rather technical design language was appealing to the target group, we created interactive motion content and explainer videos. The content usually included bright colours and a friendly tonality to position the brand as more of a friend, than a preacher.

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| Social Media Management

| Digital Strategy

 | Animated Video Content Creation

Social Media Management & Digital Strategy

After much social listening and understanding the target audience, we created a content strategy that was insurer-agnostic, focused only on the woes and wins when it comes to insurance policies - positioning McXtra as a friend with an eye for decoding. This positioning was furthered by a design language sporting bright colours, bold messaging and a playful tonality. (4).gif (12).gif

Animated Video Content Creation

With the insurance industry, comes the unforgiving jargon, which can be daunting, even for an HR rep. Our explainer video for McXtra - a coming-of-age app - takes the boring out of insurance and explains the services as simply and engagingly as possible.




Increase in Audience Engagement by 70% across Social Media Platforms



15000+ Increase in followers 

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Other Projects

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